Wine Grapefruit Lip Balm

Published: 03 Octubre

Take your pout-best selfie with super nourished lips💋 using Arovatika's 100% organic🌿 wine grapefruit lip balm made from beeswax and shea butter. Pucker and Pout you Beautiful!


Pucker and pout, while you relish our AROVATIKA’S Organic Lip Balm. A natural solution for your flaking, cracking, and all-around dry lips. The citrus extracts of the fruit protect your lips from harmful UV rays of the sun. The concoction of various natural oils save the lips from drying out and keeps them moisturized round the clock. It will improve the texture of your lips, making them soft, smooth, and beautiful. Oh, and it smells delicious- you won’t regret buying it!


Beeswax and Shea Butter provide apt moisture to the lips.
Made using natural ingredients and without petroleum jelly.
Presence of Vitamin E ensures soft and healthy lips.
Ideal choice to reduce redness and repair skin.
Improvement in lip hydration, elasticity, and suppleness.
The product can be used by both Men and Women. It comes in a compact pack of 9gm and can be carried everyday around with you in your handbags or wallet. It’s natural and organic ingredients makes it perfect for everyday use and safe option for everyone.

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