Taxi App Solution

Launch your car/taxi service
Artistixe IT Solutions LLP will help you launch your car rental/taxi business on a global platform and gain more visibility in the e-commerce world

Corporate travel management
Streamline your employee and enterprise travel needs with the help of our travel management solution expertise

#Artistixeit Carpooling
Help the world goes eco-friendly with carpooling and car rental. Who better to help you there but us?

Expand your fleet presence with #Artistixeit
Make your presence felt with the help of a superior fleet management system and optimize your operational smoothness
Our ready solution for your transportation needs
We offer the best and most feasible solution for your taxi and car rental requirements.
With, the help of our cutting-edge technologies in the Taxi-app domain, your business can benefit in many ways:

• Track the fleet real-time and give flexibility to the customer to choose the desired vehicle
• Offer support and service in multiple languages
• Allow customer to review and provide ratings of the service
• Promo codes and trip credits offered to the customer
Offer payment flexibility to the customer

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