Organic sweet leaf (stevia) Rs 150
Location: Jaipur - Rajasthan
Date Posted: 03 Octubre
Organic Sweet Leaf:

Organic Green Leaf Stevia Brands | Green Leaf Stevia Powder
Organic Sunrise Natural Sweet Leaf is a natural, convenient and healthy sweetener. green Leaf stevia contains no calories, carbohydrates & has no after taste with diabetic friendly properties. Sweet Leaf is highly acknowledged for its diverse features.Now you can add Sweet flavor to any snack, drink or food with a pinch of our Stevia Leaf and satisfy your craving for sweets without the additional calories in sugar or the harmful side effects of artificial sweeteners.....Green Leaf Stevia Brands.....

Why Sunrise Green Leaf Stevia Brands

Purely Organic, safe, natural & calorie free.

20-30 time more sweeter than sugar.

Safe replacement of sugar or any other Synthetic Sweetner.

Contains vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins necessary for our body.

Activates beta cells of pancreas and helps them to prepare insulin.

Maintains blood pressure & reduces obesity.

Ingredients – per 100 grams:

10 mg protein.

18 mg fiber

55.30 mg iron

3 mg fat

464 mg calcium

190 mg Sodium

52 mg carbohydrate.

11.4 mg phosphorous

1800 mg potassium.


As a dietary supplement, Add 4 leaves for 1 cup of Tea / Milk / any beverages and boil.


Store in a cool and dry place
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Price: Rs 150
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