Neurology hospital in jaipur
Location: Jaipur - Rajasthan
Date Posted: 25 Enero
Neurological disorder is the worst form of problem of anyone. Symptoms usually requiring a neurologist are coordination problems, changes in sensation, muscle weakness, confusion, and dizziness. The Depression and other such mental disorders are common with never
problems. Neurology Hospital in Jaipur is with all the new and the advanced systems to diagnose the patients and come up with the results. The Hospital consists of a Neurologist Dr. Amit Barala with collective experience to handle all types of neurological complications.
Contact details
Address: N.H.52, Radhaswami Bagh, Chomu, Rajasthan 303702
Mobile no: +91-9610277287
Email id: to handle all types of neurological complications.
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Dr. Amit Barala
Dr. Amit Barala

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