Best Fracture Treatment in Jaipur

A broken bone is one of the commonly found orthopedic injuries but finding the right orthopedic doctor can help you treat broken bones by providing the best fracture treatment in Jaipur. Dr. R.K. Mathur is one of the top total knee replacement surgeons having an experience of 20 years and he particularly specializes in the field of Hip and Knee Joint Replacement and Arthroscopic Surgery. At our clinic, Mangalam Joint Care which is located at Mahaveer Nagar, Near Jaipur Hospital, Tonk Road, our expert, and the trained orthopedic doctor provides fracture treatment for all types of broken bones and joints. These include hip and knee joint, shoulder joint, along with fracture associated with hands, spine, legs, ankle, etc. Moreover, the fractures that are caused due to any kind of sports injury are also treated at the clinic along with any kind of complex trauma problems that cause bone defects. Not only this, before undertaking the fracture treatment our orthopedic doctors undertake a complete diagnosis of the patient’s condition with the help of procedures like MRI, CT Scan, and X-Ray.

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