Government jobs are most sought-after career General awareness options by youngsters and experienced alike. current gk Unlike past, upse currrent gk government jobs are much more in demand due to reasons such as high entry-level salaries, more professional and target oriented attitude of employees

Coming to your question, the Indian current gk government or a one month current gk state government in India classifies the public upse current gk employees as per Group ranking. These are Group A (acting/Gazetted), Group-B (Gazetted/ Non-Gazetted), Group-C and Group-D

Note: The Indian state is like planning to meet Group-D in Group-C.
Group-A or class I is ranked today current gk highest in terms of appointment & authority and Group-D or Class-IV is considered lowest. However, one should note that when it comes to pay band, it can vary widely current affaries depending on the type of upse current gk administration/ government a candidate is selected

Here is the grade General awarienss classification in central government jobs in terms of department and grade pay with some examples


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