Ctc tea (black tea)
Location: Jaipur - Rajasthan
Date Posted: 02 Setiembre
Neurological disease
Reports suggest that Black tea could lower the incidence of Parkinsons disease, Theanine present in black tea increases alpha brain wave activity resulting in calmer state of mind and it also reduces stress.

Tea consumption is said to be associated with reduced risk of type 2 diabetes It may blunt the spike in sugar level after the meal.

Cardiovascular disease
Black tea is said to reduce the risk of heart problems by cutting levels of bad cholesterol and blood sugar. Studies have shown that there is risk reduction of coronary heart disease at intakes > 3 cups tea per day.

Studies suggest that Tea polyphenolics inhibit tumor cell proliferation. In addition, tea polyphenols may protect against damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) B radiation.Theaflavin and catechins modulate immune system function..

Studies suggest that tea may positively influence bone mineral density (BMD) and that tea drinking may protect against osteoporosis in older women.

Gastric ulcer
Tea does not cause acidity . Studies have revealed it reduces the incidence of ulcer, in experimental animals.

Anti HIV agent
Theaflavins in tea are potent anti-HIV-1 compounds. They inhibit HIV-1 entry into target cells.
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