Every aspiring entrepreneur whether he is a manufacturer or trader wishes to have the business and sales flourish and grow. fTo assist him in maintaining the inventory, display, and entertaining the customer, he may need appropriate manpower in addition to himself if the working and sales so require. Apart from this, the shops/sale outlets remain the targets of vandalism, theft, fire, etc. The selling outlet serves customers of a limited area only.
On the other hand, if he opts for online sales apart from running his stores on the outlet, i.e, offline sales, he can cater to the customers of bigger areas, with better revenues with order booking for his products going on 24 hrs/day. If he goes for online sales only, the online sales keep away the fixed overheads that an entrepreneur has to bear whether there are sales or no sales in any period. In addition to this benefit, he is not required to maintain the inventory and block the capital in old stocks. There shall be no fear of burglary, vandalism, or fire to damage the properties and the stores.
Keeping in view the expected business volume, the entrepreneur can opt for having his portal or participate through the established e-commerce portals.
the products, he should arrange the sample products with the detailed costing and specifications, name of the business, address, phone number, email id, bank account details, and tax details like PAN & GST and can engage Amazon listing services.Though there are many platforms for e-commerce sales, Amazon seller services provide a better opportunity for small traders and MSMEs, even though on this platform, big players also put their products. Amazon is globally noted as the most secure and preferred e-market for the largest number of customers.
For using Amazon seller services, the entrepreneur must have some commodity/product. Not a single product, a manufacturer or trader can get more than one product listed under one or more categories. For listing
After creating the account at the Amazon Seller Portal, the entrepreneur should have a product listing for which he should have the details of the products and the pics readily available. Once the products are listed, the prospective buyers may visit the page on which the products of the entrepreneur find placement. If he likes, he may place the order. After receipt of the order, the entrepreneur is required to arrange the supply as per the terms and conditions agreed upon with Amazon and the buyer. After the supply and return period is over, the supplier gets the payment with the deduction the Amazon portal should get for the services rendered through it.
It is likely that on the same page, on which the products of the entrepreneur have been displayed, there may be thousands of the same products from other suppliers. At that time, placement of the products on the page in the list of the top 5 to 10 products, the quality, specification, rates, discounts, transportation expenses, and delivery period have to be made attractive. To ensure an increase in sales within a short period, many sellers adopt tactics of the sales like cross-selling and upselling, putting the advertisements of the products on social media and other methods, promoting the placement, procuring reviews, etc.
Promotion of sales online is not a difficult task if the financial and physical burden of running a retail counter is compared and proper strategy is adopted. Instead of hitting and trial policy, an entrepreneur must engage some experts like who have good experience in handling Amazon account management services. who is listed as an approved channel accomplice of Amazon, is well equipped for rendering Consultancy, Registration, Product Launch, Amazon Product Listing, Photography,
Editing, Cataloging, Inventory Management, Training, and Amazon Account Management, with daily updating, keyword optimization and handling the claims on the products if any raised by
the buyers.


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